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What does "Elim" mean?

This unusual word has a very interesting background.  It was the name of an oasis mentioned in the Bible, located on the escape route of the Israelites from Egypt.

You can imagine what this oasis meant to weary people after days of slogging through the soft, clinging desert sand with the sun beating down relentlessly on their backs.

Exodus 15:27 says that at Elim there were 70 palm trees clustered round twelve wells, and, after the dust and heat and thirst of the desert, the shade of the stately palms and the cool sparkle of those refreshing springs must have seemed like heaven on earth. 

It was this idea of finding shelter and refreshment that inspired the name ‘Elim’. 

For many people life is like a desert.  They just exist in a monotonous round of working, eating, sleeping.  For them – perhaps for you – even the pleasures of life are no more than a kind of mirage – ultimately meaningless and unsatisfying.

The emptiness of life without real purpose can be transformed into the richness of a life that is meaningful because it is shared with Jesus Christ. 

You can know this reality in your life!  Drop in and see us at Elim – we’ll be glad to tell you all about it and share it with you.

Our Churches

The desire in Elim is to have churches that are all God wants them to be.  The vision is for ministries and churches to be free to diversify and be as creative as possible to share the message of Jesus Christ. 

Different groups or ‘denominations’ of Christians have emerged over the centuries.  Each of these groups has their difference emphases, but all share the same basic faith.  Elim’s own emphasis is on the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the life of every believer.

There are many different ways that you can structure a church but the Bible doesn’t teach us about the structure of the church; it teaches us about the nature of the church. 

The Bible teaches that the church is a fellowship.  Fellowship implies promoting unity and down playing differences.  Promoting unity and harmony is a top priority.  We are saying that we want unity with diversity.  Just because we may have different emphasis, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have fellowship. 

The Bible teaches that the church is a family.  Therefore we should operate on the basis of relationship, not rules.  And that we get along even though we are different.  Your Christian family will last much longer, it lasts for eternity. 

The Bible also teaches that the church is a body.  A body doesn’t operate on the basis of elected parts, but each part does what it was created to do.  Did your hand elect to be a hand?  Of course it didn’t, it does what it was designed to do.  Because the church is a body, we do not operate on the basis of elected officers or practice congregational government.

We are not about restrictions or divesting responsibility, but about allowing every church the freedom to pursue the vision God has given them, and yet still desiring to remain part of the Elim family.  Our denomination's vision has always been for the local church to be motivated to serve their community, city, nation and the world.