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Praying for the Nation

Praying for the nation according to the tabernacle pattern

The journey through the Tabernacle in the wilderness to the Most Holy Place is often used as a pattern for personal prayer.  It can well be used for prayer for the nation as we, like the Old Testament High Priest, carry with us our prayers for our nation on the breastplate of our hearts.

As with all patterns, it is important to be flexible and led of the Holy Spirit, so that it doesn’t become just another religious exercise.

We trust it will be helpful to you as you share with us in bringing this nation of New Zealand before the throne of His Grace. 

1 Peter 2:9  But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

The tabernacle in the wilderness

As you journey towards the Ark, where the Lord manifests His Presence, each article has particular significance.  Pause and consider the New Testament equivalent, for all the Old Testament rituals and ceremonies find their fulfilment in the life, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

1. Brazen Altar  (Salvation)
This is the place of repentance prefiguring the work of the Cross.
At this point begin to praise, thank, adore and worship Jesus for all His finished work.
Bring the sins of the nation before the foot of the Cross seeking His forgiveness and mercy on their behalf.
Call for multitudes to be saved and for conviction of sin, and a desire for righteousness, to come upon the nation.   

Pray for the following for the people of our nation: 

  •  total forgiveness from all our past sins.
  • reconciliation to God, fellowship with Him and redemption by His Blood.
  • the removal of the curse, replaced with blessings of Abraham.
  • shame to be taken away, replaced with dignity and confidence
  • effectiveness of the judgment of the law in turning people to Christ
  • healing of our nation by His stripes.
  • Christians to be made conquerors through the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • deliverance of the people of our nation from death and hell.

2. Brazen Laver (Water Baptism) This is the place of sanctification.
Set the nation aside for the redemptive purposes of God in these last days, as a missionary nation to the nations.  Pray for holiness in the Church. 

  • make us a righteous nation living according to the Laws of God
  • make us an honest nation, without masks and hypocrisy.
  • make our leaders truthful and faithful in speech and promises made.
  • make us a nation after Your heart, with the heartbeat of God.
  • make us holy and separated wholly for Your use.
  • give us grace to forgive and to love those who have caused past offences
3. Candlestick (The Holy Spirit)  
The Holy Spirit is the only Light Who will reveal sin and righteousness to us - the candlestick has seven branches, seven lights that represent the sevenfold Spirit of the Lord.-  pray that these manifestations of the Holy Spirit will be strong in our nation:  
1.      Spirit from God
2.      Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.
3.      Spirit of understanding.
4.      Spirit of Counsel.
5.      Spirit of might.
6.      Spirit of the knowledge of God.
7.      Spirit of the fear of the Lord.
Pray and worship in the language of the Spirit.  Ask for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our nation.  Pray for the gifts of the Spirit to be powerfully manifested through the church.  

4. Table of Shewbread  (Jesus- the Bread of Life)  Pray for:
1.      the powerful proclamation of the Word of God in our nation.
2.      the fulfillment of the promises for our nation – see NZ Scriptures.
3.      unity of the church in New Zealand – becoming one body, as pictured in the one loaf.
4.      a revelation of Jesus – the Bread of Life, to our nation
5. The Altar of Incense  (Father God)
The incense represents the prayers and praises of God's people. 
Pray for all the others who are interceding throughout the nation.  
Declare the revelations of God through His Names over the nation.
(See “God and His Names” in another chapter of this booklet)
Move beyond the veil, which was torn from top to bottom at Calvary, to the place of His Presence, formerly reserved only for the High Priest to enter.  What a huge privilege we have!  
6. Ark of the Covenant (His Manifest Presence)
Thank the Lord for the wonder of the Blood of Jesus, which gives us the freedom to enter and experience His Presence.  Thank Him for His angels, messengers, waiting to carry out His Word  

Pray all the promises of God for these last days:
1.      The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
2.      The Gospel to every people group
3.      The Glory of the Lord to cover the earth
4.      Labourers for the harvest fields
5.      The raising up of a glorious Church
6.      Transformed societies
Be open to the Lord for revelation while you are in His Presence as to what you should be declaring, what you should be tearing down, and what you become aware of that may be of significance to share with others.  

Share revelations with the leader of intercession in your group/church/region.

Welcome to the Priesthood!